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Micro Data Tips for SEO by SEO Company Ahmedabad

AUTHOR: +Virat Shukla

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To ensure some continuity with my past post I will be taking a leaf from my previous blog post.
"Useful SEO Tips" In that post I told you about best 11 quick tips for Search Engine Optimization for beginners. And Now I want to take you to the next level. I hope you will like it.

Microdata is a component of HTML5 aimed at adding more semantics and contextual information to existing content on a page. By doing so, Microdata provides others, like search engines or browsers, with more information about the contents of a page. 

This allows them to handle data in new and interesting ways. For example, a product detail page may list out a product’s SKU, pricing, reviews and availability — but there’s no real way for Google’s search engine crawlers to know exactly what that information means. With Microdata, we can explicitly tell Google how much our products cost and what rating our users gave it.”

Implementing Microdata on a new or existing page consists of adding a few extra bits of HTML, and that’s it! There’s no need to completely re-architect a page’s content to allow for someone like Google to pick up on this extra data. All that’s needed is some code that calls out certain pieces of content as being Microdata. There’s not much else to it than that.”

Simple Example Of MicroData 

  1. <div itemscope itemtype="">
  2.   <h1><span itemprop="name">V2Infotech</span></h1>
  3.   <span itemprop="description">The Best SEO Company in Ahmedabad offers SEO  services also offers Website Development in Ahmedabad</span>
  4.   <div itemprop="address" itemscope itemtype="">
  5.     <span itemprop="streetAddress">16 F.F Viswas City-2 Commercial Complex,
  6. </span>
  7.     <span itemprop="addressLocality">Ghatlodia</span>,
  8.     <span itemprop="addressRegion">Ahmedabad</span>
  9. <span itemprop="postalCode">380061</span>
  10.   </div>
  11.   Phone: <span itemprop="telephone">09624762227</span>
  12. </div>

Do Share your views about it with me and let me know if you have any doubts or questions..

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Posted By : +Virat Shukla

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