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Understanding of keywords by SEO Expert India


To ensure continuity with past post I’ll be taking a leaf from my previous blog post: Search Engine Optimization fundamentals, In that post I have told you there are three primary components  to build strong foundation of SEO: CODE,CONTENT & AUTHORITY.In the CONTENT section I have mentioned about " Keyword Consideration ". Today I have picked KEYWORD CONSIDERATION for my post, hope you will like this post.

Understanding of keywords

Keywords are search terms or phrases that people might but into a search engine to find your website. For Example: If you are a Physical Trainer and also having own Gym, a few of keywords might be

@ Weight loss
@ Lose Weight
@ Weight loss in 20 days
@ Weight loss tips
@ Weight loss plans
@ Weight loss diet
@ Weight loss diet

The most important that keyword will be getting your site popped up in the results- however,the more challenging it will be to do so because so many other people will be trying to do the same thing

“Long tail keywords” are longer phrases that someone still might use to search for your product or services on a search engine, but fewer people would use them because they are so precise. For Example, instead of “weight loss”, a long tail keyword might be “weight loss in 20 days”.  Fewer people would use this. So, ideally, you should have to mix of short and long tail keywords used naturally on your site.

Determining Your Keywords

Some of your keywords for your website will be common sense. For, instance, if you also sell supplements your keywords might be.

@ Weight loss supplements
@ Weight gain supplements
@ Supplements for weight loss
@ Supplements for weight gain
@ Weight gain supplements

But there are bound to be keywords that you won’t think of off the top of your head, simply because not everyone searches for what they want in the same way. For Example, additional keywords for your supplements site might be:

@ Healthy weight gain supplement
@ No side effects supplements for weight gain
@ Natural weight gain supplements

When you truly flesh out the keywords for your site, you may have dozens of keywords and keywords phrases.

There are free several free resources on the internet that will help you to chose keywords that you will want to use on your website. Google provides free keyword tool.

SEO Straight Drive

If your market for your products or services are based on location then, the best way is to go with Geo Modified Keyword Targeting.


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