Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Importance of Title Tag - SEO Expert Ahmedabad


In this article I have tried to explain you the Importance of Title and Meta tag for SEO. How do they work in combination? Title and Meta tags are the most efficient of weapon to boost SERP.

Let me start with the title tag
         <title> TITLE </title>

First thing which you should have to consider that the Title should be unique for the each and every page. It should not be more than 70 characters. The priority of targeted keywords in the title tag should be in the sequential manner for to achieve best and constant seo result. For the best practices place your keywords at the beginning.

For an Example :

Primary Keyword - Secondary Keyword | Brand Name


Brand Name | Primary Keyword - Secondary Keyword

Use of Modifiers : In the SEO terms modifiers are the words which describe or represent the services or the products in a better way. Users tend to include these kind of modifiers in the search keyword when they are searching for the specific web pages. "best", "top", "professional", "offers" , "buy" and "cheap"  are the most common modifiers which are widely used by the users at the time of searching on search engines.

For an Example : click on these links

Use of Numbers in Title Tag : Sometimes I really feel surprised when people search for the keywords with the numbers, but its the reality people do like that 

For an Example : Follow the below link

Do not place too many keywords: Never place too many keywords in the title tag. Placing too many keywords in the title tag and in the meta called keyword stuffing & it is called unethical Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) Techniques.

Use of synonyms : Try to use synonyms for the title for your products and services. Like users may use "buy" to mean "purchase", "best" to mean "top" and lot more. But if you are sure that users may equally search  for the different synonyms, then only apply this technique. Otherwise don't waste your valuable characters of the title tag.

Do Share your views about it with me and let me know if you have any doubts or questions..
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