Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What is Keyword Stemming?


Stemming is simply finding the stem of a word. Meaning of Stem is identifying the origin or the root word.

In terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it is used for search functionality. Use of stemming can significantly improve the search experience.

The process of keyword stemming involves taking a basic but popular keyword to a website and adding prefix, suffix or  pluralization to make keyword more efficient and into a new word. This process allows a website to expand traffic with number of options or variables. Stemming increases possibilities of getting listed over the top of the search engine and also expands limits or boundaries.  

Use of Keyword Stemming expands website traffic with the wider variety of keywords and also avoids Keyword Stuffing and repetitions of keywords. Keyword stuffing and repetitions of keywords on one page that might blacklist a website from search engine. Keyword stemming is quite an effective way to yield results and generate more hits from search engine traffic. You can also say Keyword Stemming is an art of modifying popular targeted keywords. We can defiantly score quick rankings for specific keywords resulting in instant traffic and time by time we can also secure the rankings for generic keywords also. It is very logical and simple strategy. Here are the ways and simple example of Keyword Stemming.

·         Making Keyword Plural
·         Adding Prefix and Suffix
·         Adding the new words at the beginning of the Keyword
·         Adding Other Modifier
Making Keyword Plural Games: - Games
Adding New Words Game: - Best Game, Football Game and more
Adding Other Modifier Game: - Gaming, Gamer and lot More

Other Simple Examples of Keyword Stemming
Service: - Services, Best Service, Top Service, Professional Service, Service Provider
SEO Company: - SEO Companies, Top SEO Company, Leading SEO Company, Best SEO Company and Professional SEO Company
Search: - Searches, Searcher, Best Search, Searching
Offer: - Offers, Best Offers, Cheapest Offers

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Combination of Keyword Stemming and  Geo Modified Keyword Targeting are the best practices for the natural and ethical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) For Example: - professional seo company in ahmedabad

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