Saturday, 26 July 2014

SEO Important Mistakes You can't forget

# Bought 100,000 Backlinks for 5000 RS

Result: Page Rank dropped to 0

If you forget to add alt/Tag to an image. That's fine.But...

There are some things that have been changing on the last 2 years with Google’s updates (panda and penguin) that should be considered by every SEO specialist, and most of them are related to off-page SEO.
Off-page SEO is important because it helps you get the Authority from other sources and that’s how Google measures your rankings too, especially if there’s competition on that niche. And still, many people keep doing these SEO mistakes without knowing that they’re hurting their website more than they’re helping it and at the end they all fall in the Sandbox. 

1) Build many links too fast
Purchasing Backlinks is the biggest mistake in SEO.If Google notices you’re building many backlinks in a few days, they’ll dig into your page to see what’s going on. If you have a great page with a post that just went viral, that’s OK. But if the page has low traffic and suddenly it gets a thousand backlinks from different low quality sites, be prepared to feel the wrath of Google Algorithms. 
2) Overuse of tags and meta tags
Those days where you could cheat google with meta keywords and keyword stuffing are over. There might exist some pages that still rank high when they shouldn’t, but with every update Google releases they are getting better quality content on the first page.
I don’t say you should forget about meta keywords and some other SEO optimization techniques, but don’t forget content is King. If your content is great and you have all your on-page SEO adjustments that’s fine, but don’t create crappy content and expect it to rank well just because you did some basic SEO Optimization.
3) Not Building rich anchor text links
And pointing all of them to the homepage instead of pointing them to the content.
This is one of the worst things you can do. If you build all the links with the same keyword, Google will notice something is wrong because they won’t look natural.
Ever wondered how those great sites with high PR still rank on the first page of Google even when most of their backlinks use keywords like: “read here”, “read more”, etc.? You don’t need to be an expert to notice how Google is putting more value on natural/high quality links nowadays.
4) Ignoring Social Media Value
Most Social media networks will create “no follow” backlinks to your website.
But you know what? That’s fine.
Google and Bing already accepted they’re giving some weight to Social media interactions and backlinks. So if your post has 10 backlinks but no shares on any social network, you might lose against another post with 5 backlinks but 200 shares. It’s just something you can’t ignore in 2013 because Social Media is what drives a great chunk of the traffic today.

5) Ignore Mobile Responsive Trends
You shouldn’t ignore the fact that mobile devices with internet access are growing in a massive way. 2013 might be the first year people buy more tablets and smartphones than laptops and desktops. A small portion of my readers (10-15%) already come from mobile devices, and I won’t ignore them.
6) Write for search Engines
This is a big mistake people have been doing for the last years (ever since SEO appeared). Stop writing content for search engines, and create content for your readers.
A little SEO is OK, and it helps you get authority and traffic, but if the content is crap, search engines will punish you in the Sandbox.

  • Great Content + no SEO = Good
  • Great content + SEO = Great!
  • Bad content + SEO = Sandbox
  • Bad content + no SEO = ??? being ignored by everyone.
Keep a healthy balance between your content and SEO, and give content more weight.


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