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SEO Latest Trends and Major Updates Of 2014

It's my one more post after long long time from my busy schedule and project timeline.I hope you have enjoyed New Year and said Good Bye to 2014.All I can do from my side is Let you update about Latest SEO Trends and Major Updates in 2014. I think you have searched lot more to find out answer of this question,But I try to feed you in best manner for all SEO Rockey and Experts.So I hope you will like this blog post and share among different groups.

SEO Latest Trends And Major Updates Of 2014  
SEO Latest Trends
Anxious  about the question,” SEO Is boring”? Well,  This is most asked question and mostly wandered by everyone these days. Latest Trends that were found last year are as follows: 

1.    Google +

Who says that Facebook is the only that is used tool for social marketing. Google + can also stand in this league. Google + has shown wonderful alteration in the last few years, which could be used efficiently for SEO, particularly. What makes Google+ important, is the feature of sharing the articles and yes, content is king recently. So Google+ can be neatly and clearly used for SEO, and yes can be included in the list of Latest trends of SEO in 2014.
2.    Social Media

Social Media, word that created a great buzz all around the world these days. So for SEO, Social Media is the most significant and really useful tool for that can surely include in the latest trends of SEO. Today social media have influenced a lot many aspect of the social marketing as well as SEO also. So guys, are you ready to make such changes to your website??

Earlier what was the scenario, while surfing if someone like any part of the website or want to share any link that can really help the website to build more user. Then one have to  copy  and paste the link. But, instead of that these days. Due to the  influence of the social media sharing and liking is found very easily. Thus website ‘s aim can be reached to number of users.

3.    Multiscreen Marketing

The recent survey showed that 17.5% of all web traffic comes from a mobile device.While last year it showed that 11.1 % of mobile created a web traffic.These figures are really amazing pertaining to the traffic. It clearly states that people are using a mobile device in large number to use the web. Therefore,  we can say that these days mobile-optimized content had great demand. While constantly competing in the business. Entrepreneurs likely to create a responsive website that can attract more users.

Major Updates Of SEO In 2014

Google Introduced New Algorithm
Google has introduced two new algorithms, Panda and Pengiun both of them really got a lot of buzz in 2014.

    Panda 4: Google made an update for the Panda algorithm in May 2014.While it was considered a chief update which can said as content centric algorithm.

    Penguin 3: After a long time, Google made an updated the link that is based on a Penguin algorithm in October. This update proved to be useful to webmasters who struggles to clean backlinks.

Search Market Share Changes  
    Firefox drops Google for Yahoo: It was huge that created a lot buzz, Firefox left Google For Yahoo. They choose the default search engine as Yahoo. And Yahoo had grabbed around 30% market share. 
    Facebook left Bing: A big social network giant Fac The social network  left bing as its search engine. Until that time, Facebook allows the user to search on the web suing Bing as its search engine and also on Facebook.
    Yahoo Directory closes: The long time unused directory for SEOs closed up  this year.
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Keep a healthy balance between your content and SEO, and give content more weight.

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